The American dream is in crisis.

Together we can help.

Our Mission

To organize nationally for collective political and legal action to protect homeowners’ constitutional rights;

To foster an equitable housing market for individuals and families;

To provide support and advocacy for those faced with wrongful foreclosure and eviction stemming from unchecked corporate fraud and corruption;

To restore integrity to our judicial processes and land records;

To educate the public on these and other relevant matters.

Running on Debt

Whether you watch TV, listen to the radio, or stream news and opinions, you will consistently hear the same subliminal message: debt is better than

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The Story

The system is rigged. The Con shows how. The effects of the largest criminal conspiracy in U.S. history are still being felt by millions of families and we are not talking about it. 

It’s the most comprehensive investigation into the 2008 financial crisis. Who did it. Why it happened. And how The Con is the reason everything continues to be so $crewed up.

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Virtually all foreclosures today are based on written recorded instruments purporting to transfer title to the mortgage lien from one legal person to another. The questions for today are different from the questions that were present when the forms, rules and procedures were developed before present claims of securitization of debt. Neil F Garfield, a Florida attorney and investment banker, presents the results of 16 years of research, analysis, trial appearances, expert witness presentations, and CLE presentations. In this modified course presentation, he focuses on the duties of lawyers who use or oppose assignments of mortgage, and the methods that can be used to perform expert analysis.

Petition for Change

Help change the rules to save homes from fraudulent foreclosure.

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American Property Owners Network (APON) is considering whether multi-plaintiff court actions might be a possible route to achieve justice for homeowners. Individuals who are facing similar opponents in court with similar defenses or causes of action could join forces and have a better chance at beating large corporations in court.

On behalf of the constituency for which we advocate, we want to know, if you are elected, what would you do to stop these ongoing crimes and provide justice to the millions of homeowners who lost their homes based on fraudulent documents created by participants in the fraudulent foreclosure scheme?

We are in a revolution for the Soul of our country. The 2008 crisis was the largest conspiracy–and arguably the largest illegal transfer of wealth–in the history of the world. The foreclosure crisis was a relatively small part of it, but was the most devastating. The criminal enterprise was also a corporate fascist takeover of the countries it impacted. And the courts were marginalized by corruption.

You have an inherited duty to investigate ongoing violations of the Wisconsin Organized Crime Control Act which were never investigated by former AG Schimel after he succeeded former AG Van Hollen.

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