Our Board of Directors:

Leo Blas–Board of Directors President, graduated with an accounting major at Appalachian State University and received his CPA while working with KPMG. Leo worked for KPMG as a bank auditor. He worked with the General Accounting Office of the United States of America (GAO) while at KPMG and he was on loan to the Resolution Trust Company (RTC). Leo has defended his own home against the foreclosure efforts of Bank of America.

Mishelle LaSavage– Board of Directors, Vice-President, Single mother of three, full-time student: Bachelor’s in Legal Studies (University of Central Florida). The “American Dream” quickly became her American NIGHTMARE shortly after purchasing her first home in 2007, just before The Great Recession. Mishelle has become an advocate for other consumers fighting to save their homes, while also fighting to save her primary residence from what is termed “fraudclosure”. She heads the Networking, Website and Public Outreach Committee.

Ann “Shakti” Chin–Board of Directors, Secretary/Treasurer, wife and mother of two young adults, is a homeowner-victim of lending violations during the purchase she and her then-husband made of their first homestead in 2005 and has experienced “fraudclosure”. She is a psychology graduate of U.C. Berkeley, teacher, and has been an activist in the human and animal rights arena. Due largely to the loan, she lost her marriage—and almost lost custody of her children when she was facing foreclosure. She fought–largely pro se–for 6 years in Florida and federal courts to save her home from foreclosure. Despite clear evidence against the bank entity and egregious due process violations, she ultimately was evicted. As she puts it: “We must fight back together–as a people governed by a Constitution which declares that no property should be taken without due process of law. We must also stand up to the fraud and corruption of the lawyers, judges, and the governmental and private agencies which are protecting and aiding these criminals. What these global banks have done–and continue to do–to America is nothing less than to take over our government, destroy our families, our middle class, and our democratic institutions.” She heads the Finance and Fundraising Committee.

J. Larry Nemec– Director and former President is 68 years old and still involved in what is left of his insurance business after being a victim of mortgage fraud. He attended Wausau Senior High and North Central Technical College majoring in Marketing in Wausau, Wisconsin. He spent six and a half years in the US Army Reserves. He is involved in developing Commercial Real Estate along with other business and family obligations. He is married and has two daughters and seven grandchildren.

Karina Lopez—Director, worked for Bank of America as a commercial teller and Platform officer. She was also a realtor and investor for over 10 years. She owned several properties by herself, which she lost to foreclosure, including an apartment building. After losing most everything she owned, the only property left is her home. In 2008 BOA told her to stop paying her mortgage payments for 90 days to get a modification because of financial hardship. Never got loan Mod. and BOA started foreclosure in 2010 and Voluntary dismissed in 2012. In May 2017, a debt collector acting as a “trust” started foreclosure. She chose to fight the fraudulent foreclosure. During the initial foreclosure proceedings she was diagnosed with cancer. She is still in the process of saving her home. She joined APON’s board because she believes it is important for homeowners to work together to get justice. Karina heads the Member Support and Facilitation Committee.

Glenn Augenstein–Director, has been fighting foreclosure for fourteen years. He successfully reversed a foreclosure judgement in 2009 fighting pro se (without an attorney).  However, a foreclosure was re-filed on the same property and he is currently appealing that judgement. He has networked with many of the founders of the anti-fraudclosure movement 14 years ago, including Lisa Epstein and Lyn Szymoniak. He is head of the Legal and Political Action Committee.

Michael Levitz–Director, is a Viet Nam veteran, a senior citizen and single solo father of a teen son. 13 years ago he was offered tender following a TILA class action of 7000+ homeowners (Andrew’s vs Chevy Chase Bank F.S.B.). While offering tender, this lender closed its offices and disappeared without warning. Years later early 2016, it appeared out of nowhere and demanded he re-pay more than 7 years of ‘missed payments’ in addition to the principal loan amount and $50,000+ in negative amortization calculated from a fraudulent rigged Libor rate. Michael states, “THERE IS FRAUD EVERYWHERE in the foreclosure world.”