American Property Owners Network Forming to Help Homeowners

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Citizens concerned about the influence of global banks and the financial sector over our government, as well as how the pandemic will affect homeownership, are asking the Biden administration what they will do to bring about justice for homeowner-victims of unlawful foreclosures. A group of homeowners, ex-homeowners and advocates have formed a nationwide 501C4 non-profit organization to represent the interests of property owners in this era of improper or illegal securitizations of home loans. The American Property Owners Network (APON) plans to use political and judicial action in order to assist property owners whose property rights are being threatened or taken away by unlawful practices of foreclosure claimants. APON’s website will go live this month.

Ann Chin, the Board Secretary of APON states, “Having a home is a basic human need. Property rights are protected by the United States Constitution. We are organizing around how mortgage loans were improperly securitized since the early 2000s, with the result not only of huge losses to American investment groups such as public pensions, but also of the losses of millions of homes affecting families across our country.”

“One of our first acts is to send an Open Letter to the Biden administration asking for an investigation,” says Chin. The Open Letter and a petition–which seeks changes of rules in courts so that fraudulent foreclosures are less likely to occur–are online on their website which goes live this month.

The group is also questioning what will happen to American homeowners and tenants when the foreclosure and eviction moratoriums which have been in place during the COVID-19 health crisis expire. They are asking the reasons that the government would allow global banks and their subsidiaries, which have been embroiled in many corrupt practices lawsuits in recent years, to take over even more property in America under such suspicious circumstances. (See Is A Silent Invasion Upon Us? My Wakeup Call To The Department Of Justice! | BP Investigative Agency)

The board is especially concerned about how the Federal government has since 2008 allowed financial interests to profit from securitized debt obligations acquired without disclosure of the nature of the transactions and in which foreclosure claimants cannot establish a lawful claim to the underlying security interest in real estate. To that end, APON aspires to monitor federal and state regulatory, legislative and top law enforcement agencies and to represent property owners’ interests through political action. They also are exploring the feasibility of organizing multi-plaintiff actions by homeowners, and hope to undo the damage caused to past and present property owners by the forged documents that have been and continue to be used to foreclose and which are clouding property titles in our nations land records.

They are in conversation to join forces with other homeowner advocacy organizations, such as the facebook public group Americans Against Foreclosures and Fraudstoppers (, as well as the Living Lies organization.  

The APON board, made up of a group of survivors of foreclosure, as well as  business professionals, began to meet in  May, 2020 and formed APON as a not for profit corporation on June 11, 2020. Membership in APON is open to all who are concerned about justice for homeowners, restoring integrity to our nation’s public land records and to our federal, state and local government, and to upholding the Constitution.  APON is looking for volunteers to join the network. APON welcomes all present and former property owners as well as potential property owners and housing activists who are concerned about homeowner rights.  APON invites members voluntarily to submit information (on the website form) about their situations which could be considered in the formation of any feasible multi-plaintiff actions. APON strives to support the millions of property owners and tenants who have lost their homes due to improper securitization, or who may yet lose their homes due to the COVID-19 health crisis. They also applaud the relatively few lawyers who have stood up to the powerful financial and governmental interests which have allowed unlawful foreclosures to proceed since 2008 under the cloak of securitization. 

Their site, to launch this month, is  Membership is free until June 1st, 2021.