American Property Owners’ Network Plans to Stop Most Foreclosures—

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The American Property Owners Network (APON), a new 501C4 organization and others concerned about the undue influence of global banks and the financial sector over our lives, as well as how the pandemic will affect homeownership, are going to court in Florida in a lawsuit to change foreclosure court proceedings. If successful, the suit could greatly limit the ability of current foreclosing parties to take people’s homes and property, in court actions which are often based on false claims of ownership. APON will be hosting a Zoom Webinar on Tuesday, July 6th at 4:30 pm.

Nationally-known financial expert and foreclosure defense attorney Neil Garfield and GTC Honors will lead the fight at the Florida Supreme Court for APON. The petition to the Florida Supreme Court is a formal proceeding that would essentially conform rules, forms, and court procedures to the current realities arising from claims of securitization of debt. This situation gives rise to false documents being filed in court by what appear to be Trusts backed by big financial institutions, which actually have no legitimate claim, or right, to any debt.

APON is organizing a Webinar and Membership Drive on July 6th at 4:30 pm EST with Neil Garfield to help educate the public and the press about the need for their rule-change petition. It is also a membership drive where APON is calling on all Americans to join who want to be considered in any mass action or are simply those who want to help protect the right to be treated fairly when obtaining a mortgage and to due process In court proceedings.

At the upcoming Zoom Webinar, representatives from APON and Neil Garfield will answer questions from participants and the press. Those who have joined APON will enjoy free admission to the event and homeowners who are members of APON will ask questions first, followed by the press. Membership dues and registration to the Webinar will be used to support the litigation, as well as political action for homeowners.

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  1. Mike Healey

    Do you have a list of expert witnesses on the issue of “standing”, “Document reviews ” and an expert on the Accounting documents of securitization that would used in court to scheme “? Also are they willing to testify in court as an expert witness for the defense team in a foreclosure in Connecticut ?

    Mike Healey

    1. American Property Owners Network

      We would recommend attorney Neil Garfield, as well as Bill Paatalo of BP Investigative. There are others…

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