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Contact your legislators with your 500 word story. Demand an investigation!

American Property Owners Network meeting with a state legislator

Contact Your State and Federal Legislators

If you have experienced or are going through a fraudulent foreclosure, you may want to contact your state and federal legislators, whose contact information is easily found on the web. You may find your U.S. Representative, for example, by going to and your U.S. Senator by going to When you write to them use a short (approximately 500 words) format, with links to your 5 most important court filings (including the complaint and judgement, of course; if you are unable to include links to them, attach the documents from the court website). Legislators are short on time, so be concise. They will want proof of what you are saying, so reference the name of the court, the county, the state and the filing number (and/or the name and date of the actual document) from your case. Demand that pressure be put on the larger body of Congress and/or the Department of Justice (and/or other relevant regulatory agencies) to investigate and prosecute foreclosure-related criminal activity! Here are the names of select House and Senate members who also may be especially interested in our messages:


Subcommittee on Competition Policy, Antitrust, and Consumer Rights
Klobuchar, Amy (MN), Chairman
Lee, Mike (UT), Ranking Member

Subcommittee on Federal Courts, Oversight, Agency Action, and Federal Rights
Whitehouse, Sheldon (RI), Chairman
Kennedy, John (LA), Ranking Member

Sanders, Bernard (VT), Chairman
Graham, Lindsey (SC), Ranking Member


John A. Yarmuth, KY Chair

Jerrold Nadler, NY Chair

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