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Don’t Lose Your Home or Get Evicted Due to COVID!

Unlike in 2008, there is readily available help during the current, on-going COVID-related crisis for those who are facing the loss of their home, whether you or renting, a landload, or facing foreclosure. Of course, we at American Property Owners Network view most mortgages today as unenforceable, but assuming they are, you may utilize rules the government has put in place requiring servicers to go through certain steps before foreclosing, such as requiring them to attempt to modify your loan (whether or not they actually will is another story).

There is also money available from the federal government—billions of dollars–to help homeowners, renters and landlords keep their homes/property. States are tasked with distributing this aid, and the programs for each state are listed in the document linked below.

Here is a government document regarding current help for helping tenants and property owners not lose their homes, state by state.


Additionally, Senators Elizabeth Warren along with Cori Bush have responded to the recent decision of the U.S. Supreme Court NOT to allow the CDC extension of the eviction/foreclosure moratorium to stand. Following the court’s direction, they are introducing legislation that would ALLOW the CDC to issue eviction and foreclosure moratoriums. See this week’s USA today story (link below):

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