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Local Papers Siding With Homeowners Against a “Foreclosure Mill” Judge

Andrea Gunderson, Broward County, FL circuit judge, has a 6 year long history of ruling against homeowners fighting wrongful foreclosure cases, nearly 100% of the time. In a country full of foreclosure courts that are slowly stamping out homeowner challenges to fraud-based foreclosures, APON strives to take a stand against egregious cases of bias against homeowners by judges that are brought to our attention. According to a report by Floridians for Honest Lending, a non-profit tracking dishonest players in Florida, 217/219 rubber-stamped foreclosure cases in the South Florida circuit this year were decided by Gundersen–which some homeowners describe as part of a “foreclosure mill” (see the video on our homepage). Although many cases have been ruled on against homeowners there, 126 cases were still pending at the time of the report. (For the full Floridians for Honest Lending report, go here: After a lengthy investigation and interview with both candidates, the local Sun-Sentinel has endorsed competitor, Alperstein. See their endorsement below:


Endorsement: Replace Judge Andrea Gundersen with Lauren Alperstein

published in the South Florida Sun Sentinel July 05, 2022

The Sun Sentinel recommends Lauren Melissa Alperstein in the Group 9 race for Broward Circuit Court. (Jared Blaut)

When Andrea Ruth Gundersen ran for an open circuit judgeship in Broward in 2016, political odds-makers gave her little chance of winning. But the long-time family lawyer with a lengthy history of community involvement defeated both of her rivals.

It’s six years later, and Gundersen, 66, faces criticism of her record from a well-prepared lawyer with an equally impressive record of community work and the poise of someone much older.

The Sun Sentinel recommends that voters choose the 38-year-old challenger, divorce lawyer Lauren Melissa Alperstein of Cooper City.


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