Multi-Party Legal Action for Homeowners Being Considered–Volunteers Needed!

American Property Owners Network (APON) is considering whether multi-plaintiff court actions might be a possible route to achieve justice for homeowners. Individuals who are facing similar opponents in court with similar defenses or causes of action are allowed in our courts. For example, the victims of DuPont who were all affected by that corporation’s water pollution were able to join together in a lawsuit, and many won just compensation. Similarly, those facing the same foreclosing parties in a wrongful foreclosure could join together to sue those parties. For example, many who received fraudulent home loans through Long Beach Mortgage Loan Company backed by Washington Mutual (WAMU), and whose loan was later “acquired” by Chase through the FDIC in 2008, could join forces in a multi-plaintiff lawsuit for wrongful foreclosure. Other 2004-2007 era loans involved in the 2008 financial crisis could be part of similar suits with other bank entity defendants.

Although homeowners have fought back individually in court against these wrongful foreclosures, most such cases have been decided by the courts for the “bank” entity. Fighting these court cases pro se is treacherous, partly because in many localities competent legal advice or representation is difficult to find and/or very expensive. However, if homeowners could band together in mass actions either class actions or mass joinders—in order to be able to hire a competent law firm to represent their collective interests, they may have more of a chance of winning their lawsuits. We are already starting important litigation which will stop many foreclosures by asking the Florida Supreme Court to change the rules governing foreclosure actions.

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APON is planning to explore the feasibility of these and other types of multi-party actions in all 50 states. If you are the victim of any foreclosure you believe to be wrongful or fraudulent, please contact us by filling out the form below, letting us know: whether you are still in your home, who the original lender was, the names of subsequent “bank” entities who demanded and/or collected payments from you, the “Trust” or “Trustee” that brought a foreclosure suit against you, and any “servicers” or other entities involved. We are also looking for lawyers, paralegals, housing justice activists, and paraprofessional volunteers. If you are interested in voluteering please go to or contact