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Attorney Bruce Jacobs, known to many homeowners as one of the few “Jedi Knights” of foreclosure defense attorneys, has been fighting for homeowners across the country selflessly for over ten years. He is currently being disbarred.

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  1. Darla Goulla

    Let’s put a petition together and get multiples signatures for his heretic acts for homeowners. There is not another attorney out there who is willing to do what he has done.

    1. American Property Owners Network

      The DOJ petition includes the demand that financial institutions stop getting foreclosure defense attorneys disbarred, simply for honorably and bravely defending homeowners. If you want to put a petition together for the Supreme Court, we would support that–send it in.

    2. American Property Owners Network

      Great idea! Please come to our next Wed,July 6th, Political and Networking meeting to decide if and how to get the petition done.

      1. Lynn Sousa

        I can’t believe this! I knew they had been after Bruce, but thought it was stopped. This is an outrage! It’s bad enough we’re forced into “courts” where the judges ignore the laws and/or don’t even read our pleadings.

  2. Christine

    I have not read the article, but have been involved with several of these groups to help one another fight foreclosure, and I have never seen, heard, or read about anything that would warrant stripping this man of his law license & right to practice!
    In fact, all I have ever heard about are gallant attempts & much deserved achievements of one of the very few attorneys out there who are willing to still help homeowners.
    This has got to end!

  3. Saundra Raynor

    I agree. What are the details?

    1. American Property Owners Network

      Apparently, Bruce Jacobs has been accusing certain judges of corruption or biased court-presiding over the course of his extensive successful foreclosure defense career and some judges referred him to the bar this year. Also, due to the fact that he was able to find a number of judges who were ignoring evidence brought out in discovery that bank admitted to fraud on the court, having ex parte communications with other side, and/or not recusing themselves from cases that they should have, some judges are up in ire. In particular, Judge Gunderson of Broward County FL and Judge Blumstein of Miami-Dade county FL, who both referred him to the FL Bar last year (but were unable to get anywhere, then). What APON believes is that state bar associations are being unduly influenced by financial institution attorneys who don’t want the truth about their fraud-based foreclosure cases (which we like to call “fraudclosures”) to come out in court, leading to a plethora of bar complaints (based on anything they can) against any attorneys that are actually standing up for an uncorrupted court process in fighting foreclosures. This has to stop!

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