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What is American Property Owners Network?

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The American Property Owners Network is a new non-profit corporation whose goal is to help homeowners who have title issues or are facing fraudulent foreclosure due to the improprieties of financial institutions in the lending, servicing and foreclosure process, 2004-present. These entities, which many call the “Big Banks”– Bank of America, Chase, Wells Fargo, Citibank, Deutsche Bank, Credit Suisse, Goldman Sachs, and HSBC, etc.–in concert with many of our nation’s courts–are violating the Constitution, which states: “Noone shall be deprived of life, liberty or property without due process of law.”

Our approach is 3-pronged. First, we are a grassroots political organization aiming to represent the American people who care about our land records not being cluttered with forged (“robo-signed”) documents, with the rule of law when it comes to foreclosures, and with helping ensure all are given a fair chance to become property owners. We are asking anyone to join our organization who can help be a voice speaking truth to power on behalf of those who have been targeted—many of whom are minorities, immigrants, women, and the disabled. We need to educate the public that the executives of these global banks are in the process of transferring the wealth of America into their own pockets through their current model of lending and “securitization”, a model used since approximately 2004 when normal securitization practices became corrupted. The government must be taken to task for how they aided and are continuing to aid these global banks and their “servicers”. Despite the efforts of whistleblowers and public education efforts such as the film, The Con, nothing has changed.

Secondly, we wish to be a hub to which homeowners and property owners can come to join together in any feasible multi-plaintiff or APON lawsuits that will hold the perpetrators, their underlings, and their enablers to account through mass judicial action. When property owners join resources, they can win!

Third, we want to educate and give social support to those facing foreclosure battles. Many of our members are experiencing or have individually experienced the pain of fighting against the taking of their homes and properties in pitched and unfair court battles that have lasted for years. Unfortunately, lawyers who have been brave enough to fight for homeowners around the country these past 10 years are at the same time being disbarred at alarming rates, solely due to the political influence of Big Banks, making it difficult for homeowners to find lawyers. We provide a support system through Member Support meetings for those who must fight without an attorney, providing peer-counseling services that will ease the suffering that these litigants must experience.
Our court actions and campaigns:


Currently, we are hoping that challenges to court rules around the country to conform to current Uniform Commercial Code laws that require a foreclosing party to actually own the debt (not simply have a forged document that assigns the “mortgage” to themselves) will force the Big Banks to stop filing so many foreclosures. We are starting a pilot rules-change case in Florida and have retained famed foreclosure defense attorney Neil Garfield to lead that battle.


We also are asking the public to withdraw any accounts they have with any of the Big Banks—checking, savings, retirement, or mortgage—and transfer those accounts to local banks. This “bank boycott” or “Big Bank Exit” should send a message to these banks where it hurts—their pocketbooks. We also wish to send a message to the government: break up these corrupt global banks before they strike again!!
CLE Webinars

In order to help increase the number of lawyers who are willing and able to help defend homeowners, as well as to educate property owners and to raise money, we are offering paid public education and CLE webinars at which lawyers can often earn continuing legal education credit (CLE). We also allow property owners to attend CLE webinars at a discounted rate (without earning CLE credit).


We are looking for members and affiliate organizations across America to provide a united voice for property owners in addressing Big Bank transgressions of people’s rights to fair lending and foreclosure practice and to support our court actions and campaigns. We are also looking for lawyers and paralegals across the country to join us. If you are interested in volunteering only, please write

Facebook: “APON—American Property Owners Network” Twitter: “@APONJustice”

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